Tiger Beer partners Naga DDB Tribal for ‘Tiger Roar Project’

Tiger Beer has unveiled its latest campaign with Naga DDB Tribal for Tiger Roar Project. This came from the insight that when pursuing an ambition, many choose the conventional route. It’s expected and safe. While those who take the road less traveled, defy against all odds to create a path that is yet to be seen.

Tiger, as such, wanted to stand to go against the grain and uncage Malaysia’s raw and unconventional talents by showcasing them to the world. The brand called for hidden Malaysian talents to take part in their latest project. The campaign highlights four local heroes from the pillars of music, art, fashion and food. The four films feature Dato’ Maw, a Malaysian Chinese rapper who aspires to bring Chinese rap to a global stage. Sonia Luhong, an aspiring pyrographer who creates art using raw materials of wood and fire. Yong Sheng, a talented fashion designer who infuses the best of Asian designs. And lastly, Kent Lee, a food enthusiast who wants to make the world’s best ‘siew yuk’ despite not having any culinary background.

“A story about pursuing passions can easily fall into cliché territory,” said Paul Lim, deputy executive creative director of Naga DDB Tribal. “It’s fortunate we could connect with these unconventional individuals who actually walk the talk. More than just another campaign, we hope to spur our audience to obey their calling.”

“Tiger Beer brand’s commitment has always been about championing raw and unconventional talents. Art, music, fashion, even tech, come in many forms. Through this campaign, we hope to provide a platform for them to find their voice and showcase their unique skills,” said Jiri Rakosnik, marketing director, Heineken Malaysia.