THROWBACK: Are you "Japorms?"

Coca-Cola Philippines talked about the value of keeping it real and practical fashion sense in one of the brand's most memorable TV spots made in early 2000 by McCann Erickson.

Wearing a thick hoodie, the star of this 30-seconder for Sprite struggles to keep his allegedly cool couture under the relentless afternoon sun to impress the ladies. But it was in vain, passing out, sweating like a pig and embarrassing himself while spread out on the pavement.

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The humorous "Magpakatotoo ka" TVC reminds that to be "Japorms," a colloquial term meaning "stylish," one just needs to keep true to yourself - a message that spoke to a lot of Filipino teens during that time. In a brief, McCann Erickson said:

"In the year 2000, the Philippines was a country in transition, to a new millennium which was initially threatened by the Y2K bug, to a new government with the impeachment of Estrada and hope for peace with the war in Mindanao."

It was year which called for the empowerment of the youth, to be an agent of change by speaking the truth. Sprite’s “Magpakatotoo Ka” campaign brought out this spirit in the youth during a time which needed it most and this eventually became their battlecry to be true to themselves and speak up their minds no matter what it takes."