ThoughtBuzz and DataSift offer Twitter analytics

ThoughtBuzz, the analytics arm of TO THE NEW, will be integrating with DataSift, a social data platform that helps to aggregate, process and deliver social data for businesses, to provide advanced Twitter analytics for marketers and analysts.

According to a press statement by ThoughtBuzz, through the integration of DataSift’s advanced Twitter API and data sources, ThoughtBuzz’s Omnio G users can expect more advanced and relevant analytical capabilities, particularly for Twitter.

Omnio G is an advanced, feature-rich social media analytics platform, that will help organizations listen, discover, measure and engage with today's social and mobile first consumers. Omnio G supports Facebook and Instagram along with all existing social media platforms including LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, blogs and forums, review sites like Amazon and CNET and QnA sites like Yahoo Q&A.

DataSift integration is a major improvement to Omnio G, as the platform is optimised to make unlimited calls to Twitter and guarantees capture of 100% of firehose data. Additionally, Omnio G users will gain complete access to Twitter’s historical data to tap upon for historical trends and insights.

ThoughtBuzz will also add advanced analysis on top of the Twitter data and provide more comprehensive qualitative and quantitative insights for its clients. Through this, it hopes that decision makers will be more empowered in their strategy development and companies can maintain relevance in the market.

“Twitter is one of the most popular social media channels in Asia Pacific and worldwide. Guaranteed 100% data coverage and enhanced analysis will allow brand managers to use Twitter not just for content dissemination but to drive key insights to grow their brands and make key marketing decisions,” Ashok Patro (pictured), chief operations officer of ThoughtBuzz said.