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These ads are WATCHING you

Millward Brown and MIT Media Lab spin-off Affectiva, have jointly launched an emotion capture technology, Link™ with Facial Coding, to record viewers’ facial emotions while they are reading an ad.

The technology, which provides analysis of viewers’ unfiltered reactions to ads by recording and automatically analysing facial expressions in real-time through a hidden webcam, aims to help optimise advertising effectiveness.

“Listening to the feedback from our clients and looking at results from more than 800 studies that we’ve conducted across Asia, we realise that implicit measurement through facial coding, combined with established survey-based research, is giving a level of insight that simply could not be achieved by either approach in isolation” said Pankaj Jha, director of global innovations of Millward Brown.

“We see that the powerful combined approach improves the already strong relationship between Link metrics and sales effectiveness.”

No existing clients were provided, but according to Christine Zhang, marketing director of Millward Brown: “so far, all we can tell is that Unilever’s ads are being tested by our Link with Facial coding solution for confidential request.”



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