The ultimate vanity mirror

Twisted faces, awkward smiles, over pouting... these are just some of the problems faced when shooting the perfect selfie.

But help is here.

US-based digital agency iStrategyLabs has created a “selfie mirror”, giving vanity chasers worldwide the ability to capture the perfect self portrait.

The high-tech mirror, called S.E.L.F.I.E (Self-Enhancing Live Feed Image Engine), allows users to capture the exact some image reflected on the mirror. The photo will be automatically posted on Twitter. The image carries a watermark, which brands can pay to feature on.

DJ Saul, CMO of iStrategyLabs, told Marketing the mirror is harmless and fun experience with a simple trigger point – smile.

“We had been playing around with facial recognition technology, and had also been keeping an eye on what Twitter was doing with their “Twitter Mirror” for celebrity engagement at big events.”

“The SELFIE Mirror helps to demonstrate what’s possible by bringing together hardware, software, and innovative ideas.”

Saul said the project has seen considerable response from handful of clients in beverage and entertainment and media sectors.

The agency is looking to bringing the creation outside the US to “multiple continents” in the near future.

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