The Smart Platform – the new generation of digital wagering experience

The Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) has been acknowledged as a world leader in wagering technology. Currently, 75% of turnover was from online channels - a base of more than one million customers, which was the highest among major racing operators.

Since 2014, it has launched the “Smart Platform Strategy”. Under it, HKJC is moving to the next stage of its digital transformation of the wagering experience. HKJC is not only aimed at digitalising wagering transactions but also the entire customer journey with AI around deep learning being the key enabling technology.

HKJC's 7-step customer journey
The 7-step customer journey elevates the overall customer digital wagering experience, and offers seamless O2O wagering services.

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We optimise the touchpoints along the customer wagering journey from offline to online
When it comes to betting or enjoying (step 5 of HKJC's 7-step customer journey), a variety of digital platforms are offered that meet different customers’ needs. HKJC TV is the mobile TV channel of HKJC, through which audiences can enjoy livestreaming of events.

To better enjoy races, HKJC has launched the Live Multi-Angled Cam on HKJC TV. This function is open to racing fans, providing even greater coverage of events in Shatin and Happy Valley Racecourses. Different from traditional TV signals, racing fans can switch and watch their preferred racecourse angles rather than the pushed content controlled by TV programme producers.

Furthermore, it provides uninterrupted livestreaming with no commercial break. The views of HKJC TV Live Multi-Angled Cam are tailormade for different customers, providing them with unique experiences to suit their needs. The angles include the full angle of the paddock, inside the paddock, the track entrance, main TV and live stage performance of Happy Wednesday.

New technologies integration to HKJC TV
By using the new livestreaming technology, HKJC TV successfully reduces latency during livestreaming to up to 10 seconds, which is even faster than TV signals in some districts. Such improvement is crucial to racing fans as they can make timely decisions and place a bet by watching low-latency livestreaming. In addition, it leverages fast-switching technology to synchronise the delay of different camera angles, improving the viewing experience when racing fans switch between different angles.

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This article is contributed by The Hong Kong Jockey Club.