The reality of re-entering adland [VIDEO]

SapientNitro is launching a “Returnship” pilot programme in New York and Toronto, aimed at helping professionals re-enter the advertising world after having to pause their careers.

The 10-week paid program for creative, advertising and technology professionals looks to restart their careers and re-enter the workforce. Highlighting the struggles of those who try to re-enter a system that values work experience, SapientNitro created video spots to showcase how hiring managers tend to dismiss candidates who have had taken a break from work.

“We invite you to challenge your workplaces to stand against a system wherein outside, life-changing experience feels barely valued. Or worse yet, invisible,” the agency said.

This next video serves to show the reality of how taking a break from your career affects the interview process and the hiring manager’s impression of the candidate:

Marketing has reached out to SapientNitro for more details on the programme.


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