The rapid development of China makes the country an unneglectable economic power in the world

Over the years, increased purchasing power by Chinese consumers is not new. They tend to look for high quality and premium imported goods from offline to online. The devastating pandemic restricts overseas travel, but further strengthens the importance of cross-border e-commerce.

Worldwide brands leverage mainstream cross-border e-commerce platforms such as JD Worldwide, Tmall Global and Yangmatou to sell their goods to China. Nevertheless, these platforms cost brands a lot to acquire customers and retain them, while offering little control over customer data assets.

Against these challenges faced by brands, WeChat mini-program is the new fuel of cross-border e-commerce growth in China, uniquely different from other e-commerce platforms providing convenience and private domain traffic management capabilities to drive user traffic and user data accumulation back to brands themselves, which is a key part for them to build their customer data assets.

In this article, you will discover the booming trend of WeChat mini-program in China and its crucial role in helping brands establish cross-border e-commerce business with sustaining sales momentum. 

WeChat mini-program is an inevitable trend in China
WeChat mini-program is a mini-app that can be developed and accessed quickly and is built within the WeChat ecosystem and infrastructure. Its simple functionalities allow Chinese consumers to effortlessly navigate everything via the mini-program, which allows online shopping, hotel booking, food ordering and more.

Daily active users for WeChat mini-programs increased from 300 to 400 million in 2019 and 2020, respectively. Undoubtedly, WeChat mini-program has taken the Chinese e-commerce industry by storm in recent years.

The gross merchandise value (GMV) of commodity transactions on WeChat mini-program doubled in 2020. The social DNA of WeChat accelerates high sales conversions, as the consumer journey starts with word-of-mouth or group buying. International brands should proactively take this golden opportunity in entering China’s e-commerce market.

The most attractive advantage of WeChat mini-program is the sense of control. Unlike mainstream e-commerce sites such as Tmall and JD, WeChat mini-program enables brands to manage owned private domain traffic and draw actionable insights for sustainable sales growth in the long run.

Make your cross-border smart retail business stand out
How to conquer the Chinese e-commerce market through WeChat mini-program? There is a range of strategic offerings that helps you gain a competitive edge in the market.

The first thing is to set up a store with intuitive-yet-localised design and comprehensive e-commerce features such as campaign promotions, coupons, flash sales, group buying and membership loyalty programmes. The WeChat mini-program is integrated with a cross-border payment function, enabling Chinese users to pay in RMB via WeChat Pay and transferring to brands in their local currencies. Imported cross-border logistics service is fully supported to offer efficient international shipping and customs clearance legally.

Beyond developing a robust cross-border e-commerce mini-program, a thorough marketing strategy is equally important to make your mini-program easily accessible and reachable. Leveraging influencer livestreaming and advertising on Tencent’s ecosystem, such as Moment Ad, are effective to stimulate high-quality traffic and sales conversions.

Personalised experience has been proven to boost sales. Powered by a marketing automation tool, brands can automatically identify sales opportunities among WeChat followers based on the behavioural data analysis, continue to accurately nurture highly potential customers with different life-cycle stages, automate promotion tasks under flexible and personalised workflow to shorten the conversion time and hence increase the conversion rate from followers to customers.

Apart from marketing automation, it is critical for brands to master how to retain an active customer and establish long-term relationships through comprehensive private domain traffic data management. It allows brands to segment high-value customers and launch targeted campaigns, which means more promising sales growth in the future. A closed marketing loop is perfectly built to achieve customer acquisition, activation, purchase and retention.

Gollala taps into the Chinese market, leverages the power of WeChat mini-program

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Gollala is a global fast-fashion company offering Korean women clothing with trendy and versatile styles. Embracing the rising demand for K-fashion in China, the brand has planned to expand its presence into the Chinese market. Collaborating with iClick Interactive, Gollala has rolled out a cross-border e-commerce WeChat mini-program to support Korea-China cross-border online business since Q1 2021.

iClick Interactive is a well-known smart retail strategic partner in China with sophisticated e-commerce operational experiences and cutting-edge technical expertise, providing end-to-end cross-border smart retail solutions and empowering Gollala’s China market entry ambition.

Gollala has successfully built an e-commerce store on WeChat mini-program in a short period of time, leveraging iClick’s powerful SaaS-based Cross-border Smart Retail Solution. By employing targeted promotional coupons and festive flash sales, Gollala engaged more users and drove outstanding sales performances.

The integration with Tencent Youshu, a Tencent-empowered private domain traffic data management platform, enables Gollala to obtain private domain traffic data from all touchpoints including the mini-program, official account and advertising campaigns. The platform accurately builds 360-degree customer profiles, tracks user behaviour, analyses product sales performance, evaluates advertising effectiveness and optimises business operations.

The COVID-19 pandemic has strained the global retail industry. The outbreak fundamentally reshuffles customer behaviours and accelerates the trend of online buying. WeChat mini-program ignites the Chinese market and opens the door for cross-border e-commerce with a positive outlook. We should embrace digital transformation and realise the possibilities of WeChat mini-program.

Let’s scale up your cross-border e-commerce business through WeChat mini-program today, bringing you a new way to grow e-commerce sales and implement omnichannel functionality to thrive in China’s competitive e-commerce market.

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