The Powerpuff Girls celebrate #Empowerpuff on IWD

On International Women’s Day 2019 Cartoon Network celebrates the 20th birthday of The Powerpuff Girls in Asia with the #Empowerpuff campaign. It is a movement that aims to embrace empowerment and put the spotlight on driven girls, young ladies and women who are Asia’s game changers.

Over the next few months, Cartoon Network will premiere a series of short-form content on its social and digital platforms featuring trailblazers making a name for themselves. The series will include the likes of Singapore-based crochet artist @kllylmrck (Kelly Limerick) and Instagram baking sensation @Susanne.Decochiffon, in addition to other influencers in the Philippines. Each woman will share their life stories and will partner with Cartoon Network to create bespoke experiences, content and products.

These local and regional efforts come under the larger initiative which includes a global content-creation partnership with five female artists to create seven seconds of animation of The Powerpuff Girls in their own unique style. The five artists included two from Asia: Dahee Jeong from South Korea and Xiya Lan from China.

The campaign also featured the launch of the Empowerpuff Internship, created to attract an array of writers, video editors, illustrators and graphic designers to curate and create original content for social media channels.

The Powerpuff Girls, which has won two Emmys, first burst on to Cartoon Network in 1998 and has captured audience hearts ever since. This trio has been showcasing its reach through collaborations with the likes of Peter Alexander, Supre, Katie Eary, Lingua Franca, LEGO and Havaianas. Most recently, deals were struck with Champion and cutting-edge womenswear designer Christian Cowan – which debuts in Los Angeles later today.