The Malay Mail will no longer be free

As a result of a change in its business model, Malaysia's oldest newspaper, The Malay Mail, will no longer be free and become a daily morning paper.

While the company has not specified the date the changes will take effect, it said during the transition period The Malay Mail would be decreasing its print run. The paper can still be accessed through the website.

Yushaimi Yahaya , editor in chief of The Malay Mail said the switch from afternoon to morning is to keep the content relevant to the readers given the growth of technology and digital media.

"A morning paper will further allow us to give our readers in-depth reports of news events that occur during the news day. If we continued as an afternoon paper, we would be put at a disadvantage as we would not be able to report the day's events the following day, as it would be stale news after one reads the morning papers."

Yahaya added the newspaper would focus on in-depth investigative reports which he believes will set it apart from the competition.

"Recent feedback from the public and an analysis of the historical track record of The Malay Mail reveals that there is a critical mass of readers out there who will be willing to pay for the type of content we intend to publish."