The King of burn: 5 times Burger King out grilled its competitors

Consumer today see over 5,000 ads a day and as such, cutting through the clutter is never as easy task. But more and more, we see brands getting smarter in their marketing tactics and ad campaigns. In fact, this has led to the rise in brands newsjacking and poking fun at each other.

For example, just this month, brands such as LEGO, Domino's and Singapore Tourism Board jumped on the Samsung foldable phone hype, each creatively taking shots at Samsung. Many also took to the internet to jump on the #EggGang, #BirdBox and #10YearChallenge hypes.

But one brand with out rightly boasts its creativity and competitiveness in a consistent manner is Burger King. Globally, "The King" has outwitted it competitors (at least we think it has) numerous times to not only grab the attention of local media, but international ones too. This Friday we have compiled our top picks for you to be inspired!

1. Burn that ad

Firing up this list is the most recent campaign in Brazil called "Burn That Ad" by Burger King Brazil.

The fast food chain launched a campaign with an app, which burns the ads when scanned through the app. As the app shows in augmented reality, the burning of a competitor's ad, Burger King slips in an e-coupon revealing a free Whopper for the app user. The campaign was created by David SP and exclusively for those in Brazil.

2.King of flame grilling

Burger King US released a new video last month, featuring the “King of Flame Grilling” on its YouTube channel. The name, which has an uncanny similarity to KFC when abbreviated as “K.F.G”, appears to be intentional. Without mentioning any names, Burger King said in its media release that the video is produced to poke a little bit of fun at one of its key competitors.

The spot was created to promote the fast food chain’s new Grilled Chicken Sandwich, and was available at participating Burger King restaurants in the United States as a permanent menu.

3.  Not big macs

Burger King Sweden mocked McDonald’s after it recently lost the “Big Mac” trademark it filed for in the European Trademark Court. It surprised consumers with a new menu called “Not Big Macs” for a limited period of time, containing product names that were inspired by feedback regarding McDonald’s Big Mac.  Some of these include, “Big Mac-ish but flame-grilled of course”, “Like a Big Mac but actually big”, “The burger Big Mac wished it was”, “Kind of like a Big Mac but juicier and tastier” and “Anything but a Bic Mac”.

4. Cheesy fries over salted egg yolk fries 

Closer to home, this jab by Burger King got many consumers chatting.  Given Singaporeans love their salted egg yolk products, fast food giant McDonald’s Singapore launched its version of the salted egg yolk loaded fries, ahead of its 40th anniversary. Unfortunately, the fast food giant unintentionally invited itself into a fair bit of criticism from members of the public as excited netizens took to the online realm to  share their rather disappointing experiences.

Sneaking in with a comment was its competitor, Burger King. The King cheekily threw shade at its competitor, while promoting its own product on a netizen post. It said, “We know, the clown did it again. Yet another blunder. Here at Burger King, we never mess with our fries. That is why you should totally get our Cheesy Fries for only SG$2.50”.

5. MacCoin for a Whopper

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the signature Big Mac, McDonald’s announced it will debut new limited-edition global food currency – “MacCoin” which customers can use in 50 different countries to redeem a free Big Mac. These coins launched in August last year was to expire by 31 December 2018.

Slipping into the conversation, Burger King invited those with unused "MacCoins" to exchange it for a Big King XL sandwiches in outlets around Chicago.

According to Burger King's press release, the fast food chain wanted to give people one more day to use their MacCoins, but this time for the bigger, flame-grilled option.