The Golden Duck launches mala hot pot snack in HK

Singaporean gourmet snack company The Golden Duck is launching a new flavour in Hong Kong, turning Sichuan mala hot pot into a portable snack.

The new snack – Sichuan mala hot pot fragrant mix – consists of fish skin, mushrooms, and crunchy beancurd skin wafers. The Golden Duck will officially launch the new snack on 7 August, but the new flavour has already been on sale in designated 7-elevens.

“We believe that our customers deserve the best and we pour our heart and soul into creating these dish-accurate snacks. We want to create more than just ‘seasoning on chips’,” said Chris Hwang, co-founder and director of The Golden Duck.

While Hong Kong will welcome the new snack hitting general stores next week, the flavour has been available in Singapore since June.

“Ultimately, our mission is to engineer that perfect snacking experience with innovative, gourmet flavours that can be enjoyed all around the world,” said Jonathan Shen, co-founder and director of The Golden Duck.

The Golden Duck entered the Hong Kong market in 2017. Products have been available across 7-eleven, while the company has expanded its footprint to ParknShop and HKTV mall.