The Dew challenges in extreme proportions

Following Mountain Dew's TrainDEWmonium challenge last year, the brand is again on the lookout for fit, fast and fearless Malaysians for the new ‘Dew Challenge 2012: The Xtreme Ride'.

While last year's challenge saw finalists in extreme challenges on board a train, this year's participants will travel in two specially-designed coaches, which will take them to two undisclosed locations where they'll be subjected to extreme tests.

Mountain Dew has taken to Facebook, radio, print ads and on ground activities in selected colleges in getting participation.

Partnering with Era, Hitz FM, THR Raaga and My FM, participants of the Dew Challenge 2012 can register online and once selected, will be called by the stations of their choice to compete in an on-air contest to qualify for the finale.

The 12-hour extreme challenge kicks-off on 8 December at Berjaya Times Square Boulevard, with an initial 120 contestants participating in two preliminary challenges.

Sixty participants will then be eliminated, while the remaining will begin their adrenalin-pumping ride to the locations.

The finalists will be divided into four 15-member teams, with losing participants either eliminated or voted out until only two are left. The last two will then participate in two challenges in the finale at Times Square Boulevard.

Permanis vice president of marketing Hemalatha Ragavan said that the Dew Challenge was in line with Mountain Dew's positioning as a drink for those full of energy and attitude.

"Contestants will have to be fast, agile and quick on their feet in overcoming the challenges, but we think that determination and a ‘dare to dew' spirit will eventually separate the winners from the wanna-be's," she added.

The last participant left standing will drive home the grand prize of a Chevrolet Colorado 4x4 truck sponsored by Naza Quest while the runner-up will ride away on a Kawasaki dirt bike.