TGV Cinemas announces new partner at its Sunway Pyramid outlet

TGV Cinemas has collaborated with local beauty firm Satin Skinz as location partners at the cinema’s Sunway Pyramid outlet.

This will be the nation’s first ever tie-up between a cinema and a beauty brand, said Satin Skinz’s spokesman.

As part of the contract, TGV’s Sunway Pyramid outlet will now be branded as Satin Skinz @ TGV and decorated based on the brand’s design and details. On top of that, Satin Skinz will be conducting contests on a monthly basis at the same outlet.

In a statement to A+M, Mizatuladha bt Mangsor, co-founder of Satin Skinz said, “We’ve always been supportive of the entertainment industry and have worked with local drama shows such as Tuan Anas, Mikael Raya and Dia Semanis Honey Raya. TGV Cinemas has great service and we love the way they work towards customer satisfaction. This echoes with our approach of putting our customers first and this is why we chose TGV Cinemas over other cinemas.”

TGV Cinemas' head of marketing services Celeste Koay shared that, as a health and beauty company, Satin Skinz recognises the vibrancy of the cinema audience and understands today’s fast paced and sophisticated advertising landscape.

Satin Skinz was first formed by a husband and wife team in early 2014 with a single product. The company has since expanded to other neighbouring countries such as Singapore, Brunei  and Indonesia,  with more than ten different health and beauty products.