Tesco MY to roll out 21 commercials as part of marketing blitz for CNY

Tesco Stores (Malaysia) is launching an integrated advertising campaign involving 21 commercials with relatable and funny storylines, as part of its "Semua ONG Mali 2020" Chinese New Year campaign. Each 30-second episode will feature a fictitious feng shui practictioner, Master Ong, in all sorts of comical situations. The commercials will run on Tesco's social media platforms until Chinese New Year.

Additionally, it is also holding a 13-hour Facebook Live sale where items will be sold at attractive prices and customers will stand the chance to win Golden Hours vouchers. The live sale will be hosted by local celebrities such as emcee and former radio announcer, Wayne Thong; social media content creator, Tata Wanqian; and founder of performing arts house, Noelle Nah. The company is also showing support for the government's initiative towards a cashless society by offering customers a cashback of RM8 during the campaign period, when they make a purchase of more than RM88 via Boost and Touch n' Go.

As brands and consumers usher in Chinese New Year, Tesco is also seizing the opportunity to positively impact the communities it operates in. This year, it is once again working with Kechara Soup Kitchen to bring further cheer to the underprivileged community through the purchase of Tesco’s new CSR initiative, the Gift of Prosperity (GOP). Both parties have been collaborating since 2016 and according to Tesco, Kechara has helped 12,387 underprivileged individuals and families through the donations of unsold but edible food.

In stores and online platforms, the GOP is represented in a gift card format designed to look like an Ang Pow packet. The actual GOP set contains essentials such as tuna, instant oats, assorted biscuits, orange cordial, 10kg rice, vermicelli, cooking oil and many more which were selected by Kechara themselves, following the feedback from the underprivileged communities that they have been working with. All GOP purchased by customers will be delivered by Kechara to its existing beneficiaries such as Tong Sim Senior Citizens Care Centre, Persatuan Kebajikan Penyayang Kulai, Penang Home for the Infirm and Aged, Ebenezer Home Care Centre and many more within campaign period.

Tesco Malaysia's CEO, Paul Ritchie, said what makes Malaysia beautiful is the richness of its culture and its people. Despite having different beliefs and cultures, Malaysians will all come together to celebrate each other’s festivals in harmony. That diversity and inclusivity is reflected in Tesco's Chinese New Year 2020 campaign where it is ONG Mali for all, Ritchie said.

“We know that festive celebrations can be taxing on the wallet, and our biggest focus in this new year is to help our customers manage their everyday cost-of-living. We have since 2016 invested our efforts into launching a long-term price strategy, keeping our prices affordable without compromising on quality as to help to stretch their Ringgit further. We want to make it possible for our customers to enjoy traditional Chinese New Year customs, family reunions and of course, scrumptious, delightful food at the center of it all," he explained.

Ritchie added that one of the values it truly believes in at Tesco is that "Every Little Helps" and in keeping its prices affordable without compromising on quality, it is helping customers manage their cost of living.