Tesco Malaysia apologises for dog in the trolley

Supermarket chain Tesco Malaysia has issued an apology on social media for a recent incident involving a pet dog being lugged in one of its trolleys by a customer. The incident was recorded on its CCTV cameras.

According to a statement posted on its Facebook page on 5 September, a customer had allegedly brought her pet dog to the store in spite of the store’s no-pets policy.

[KENYATAAN – Troli di Tesco Extra Plentong] Kami amat kesal dengan kejadian anjing peliharaan salah seorang pelanggan…

Posted by Tesco Malaysia on Saturday, September 5, 2015

The statement said:

“We regret fully the incident involving a pet dog, belonging to one of our customers, being lugged around in our trolley at the Tesco Extra Plentong outlet. We would like to clarify that Tesco Malaysia does not allow pets in the presmises. Our staff is working alongside AJK Masjid Plentong to clean the trolleys in order to ensure that all of our trolleys are hygienic for use.”

The comments section of the announcement revealed that some users were doubtful about the veracity of the CCTV footage. Meanwhile, others slammed Tesco’s cleaning process citing a lack of regulation to ensure the trolleys’ hygiene.

Incidents around having pet dogs in public places have been highly debated in Malaysia. Last year, an event called that “I want to touch a dog” which was initially launched in an attempt to dispel Muslim fears of touching dogs came under fire by several members of the public. The event had a polarising effect, being covered by global press and spurred emotional comments from the public. Several religious leaders saw the event as an attempt to create a new lifestyle which could potentially hamper Muslim values and culture.

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