Terrorist gag backfires on CommBank

The Commonwealth Bank has removed a online ad which showed a fake terrorist suspect outside London's Olympic volleyball arena.

The commercial, part of its "CAN" brand campaign, first appeared on its official YouTube channel on Wednesday, but was shortly removed.

The ad showed its C, A and N mascots alerting a security guard about a suspicious looking 'T' character carrying a "ticking backpack" and attempting to enter a women's volleyball event.

The security guard then apprehends T while C, A and N went on to enjoy the event. The ad has since generated a lot of negative publicity for the bank.

"We'd like to apologise for this viral video & let you know that it was removed from our YouTube channel this morning," was a standard response from the bank to messages on Facebook and Twitter.

The bank has been running a series of campaigns around the Olympics which show the C, A, and N characters in various situations.

the London Olympics remain on high alert for terrorist activity, particularly potential backpack bombers. In 2005, British-born suicide bombers exploded backpacks across London's public transport network killing 52 people.