#TerimaKasih: Media Prima encourages consumers to be thankful this Hari Raya

Media Prima Television Networks (MPTN) has collaborated with Malaysian director Ho Yuhang, to produce a Hari Raya advertisement titled #TerimaKasih. The four-minute video is part of the "Syukur Selalu" campaign also conceptualised by Ho.

The main aim of #TerimaKasih is to encourage consumers to be thankful in spite of their circumstances in life. The video has garnered over 300,000 views on Youtube at the time of reporting and will run until the end of Syawal.

MPTN's spokesperson said in a statement to A+M that the term "Syuku Selalu" was chosen as it is a common word that Malaysians could relate to. IPG Mediabrands, Paper Heart and Warner Music Malaysia & Faithful Music were responsible for the campaign.

Besides social media, MPTN also made use of out-of-home and carried out several on-ground initiatives to promote the campaign - Bazar Terima Kasih, Jom Masjid and Skuad Terima Kasih, a corporate social responsibility programme.

Ho wanted to create a film that was "humourous and joyful" that Malaysians could identify with rather than a "cliché poignant storyline". The video centres on a single mother who has to juggle two jobs to raise her young children who are still in primary school.

According to the press statement, MPTN selected the theme to thank Malaysians for selecting TV3 and TV9 as their prime choice this festive season, as well as their "unwavering support" for the on-ground activations held in several states across Peninsular Malaysia.


The advertisment's song was jointly produced and sang by well-known local singers Faizal Tahir and Aizat Amdan. It was modified based on the original hit Jangan Menangis by Aizat.