Teresa Mo headlines Manulife Hong Kong campaign for voluntary health insurance

Manulife Hong Kong has launched a new Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme (VHIS) advertising campaign, featuring Hong Kong artist Teresa Mo (毛舜筠) as its VHIS ambassador.

The advertisement aims to remind the public of the rising medical costs, and encourage them to have medical insurance planned ahead, as well as promoting Manulife’s VHIS products and promotions.

The campaign includes a 30-second full-length TVC, and three 15 second versions. Adopting a holistic ad strategy, the insurance company has also rolled out online advertisements, print advertisements, and OOH advertisements in MTR stations and on buses and trams.  

The Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme (VHIS) was launched in April 2019. It is a government sponsored and regulated voluntary insurance scheme, designed to drive participation by the Hong Kongers in using private health insurance, giving people access to affordable quality care. The insurance companies are using the programme as an opportunity to drive the penetration of solutions deeper into Hong Kong market with new products and services, backed with intensive marketing efforts.


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