Telkomsel partners Insider to deliver hyper-personalised experiences

Telkomsel has partnered with Insider, Sequoia-backed growth management platform. Telkomsel chose Insider to deliver hyper-personalised experiences to its 160+ million subscribers across web, mobile web, and app powered by AI-backed technologies.

Insider's?growth management platform?claims to help top brands?including?UNIQLO,?Samsung,?New Balance,?Mediamarkt,?Estee Lauder, Virgin, AVIS, Dominos, Avon, Nissan, BBVA, IKEA and CNN?drive their digital growth.?It works by unifying customer data across channels. This allows brands to leverage AI technology to segment users and deliver highly personalised cross-channel experiences in real-time; eliminating marketing waste, helping improve ROAS (Return on Ad Spend), optimise CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost), improving Conversion Rate, AOV (Average Order Value) and LTV (Lifetime Value).

"Telkomsel's commitment to delivering stellar customer experiences is a true mark of its leadership position in the region and has been the driving reason behind its growth. Being growth partners we are excited to further accelerate Telkomsel's digital transformation through rethinking digital experiences for their millions of subscribers. Insider's growth management platform will enable Telkomsel to tap into real-time customer intelligence and leverage emerging technologies to deliver highly-personalized, meaningful experiences to each subscriber based on historical, real-time and predictive data," said Hande Cilingir, CEO & co-founder at Insider.

Insider's AI-backed predictive segmentation technology can predict user behavior such as likelihood to convert, likelihood to churn and more helping marketers become growth drivers for their brands by optimising their key metrics across the funnel; from acquisition to activation, retention and revenue.