Telkomsel looks to increase B2B market share with Google’s Android solution

Telkomsel has partnered with Google via Telkomsel myBusiness to implement Android’s “zero-touch” enrolment system across large-scale companies in Indonesia. The system enables businesses to set up automatic company-defined configurations in corporate-owned devices online and deploy the devices in bulk.

According to a press release, the partnership is in line with Telkomsel’s goal to increase its business-to-business market share. The enrolment system ensures that devices remain managed by enterprises and combined with the security features of the Android platform, enabling companies to be less dependent on its internal IT support.

According to Telkomsel’s SVP enterprise account management, Dharma Simorangkir, many companies attempt to increase employee productivity via devices that are solely catered to working purposes, but face problems with setup and deployment. “With Android zero-touch enrollment, companies are easier to setup devices, install applications and configurations without manual process. It helps employees in supporting the company’s business,” he said.

Additionally, the enrolment system can be used on various brands of smartphones with Android operating system, making it easier for companies to determine smartphones that suit their needs and budget. Simorangkir added: “This partnership to bring Android zero-touch for the customers is in line with Telkomsel’s commitment to continue accelerating the local business through innovative digital solutions. We hope that this use of technology can help to create a more efficient Indonesian digital ecosystem.”