Telkomsel heads into mobile gaming space through ShellFire debut

Telkomsel has launched a mobile games app called ShellFire, in a bid to strengthen its pledge to the development of mobile games. ShellFire, which is the first game initiated and owned by Telkomsel, is an action mobile games app with a combination of first-person shooter and multiplayer online battle arena. It provides a range of game modes, hero characters, map, and in-app items.

The app is eyeing three million downloads until the end of the year. Distributed to all smartphone users in Indonesia through Dunia Games, Telkomsel's director of marketing Alistair Johnston said that the telco aims to "enliven" game content on mobile platform through this game.

"We’ve gone from strength to strength this year, unveiling new products, expanding our user-base and finding new ways to bring our games to a wider audience. It started from Dunia Games, as a platform of collaboration among publisher, continued to Indonesia Games Championship, and finally we are thrilled now to launch Shellfire. These are proofs of our commitment to build a digital lifestyle entertainment ecosystem for the people of Indonesia,” he said.

According to Johnston, games subscriber is among the highest revenue contributors of Telkomsel other digital services, reaching close to 34%. Telkomsel's market share is currently in the country’s games industry reaches more than 22%.

In addition, the revenue of the games industry in Indonesia is projected to reach up to US$3.75 billion in 2022. "The inclination is driven by the growth of the mobile gaming industry, as mobile platform provides a convenient way to play games anytime and anywhere without having to come to the internet café or buy any expensive game console. To date, there are 60 million Telkomsel customers playing mobile games on their cellphones every month,” he added.

To maximise potential growth, Dunia Games aims to focus on adding business portfolios to three things. This includes increasing Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) payment services by adding a game voucher or direct top-up merchant and also increasing credibility as game publisher by releasing various game titles and genres. It also aims to grow the e-sport ecosystem through competition, the gamer community and support professional teams.

Gamers who log in during the promotion period of 1 to 31 October 2018 will receive reward heroes, runes and other items, estimated to be worth over IDR200,000. However, Telkomsel customers will receive an additional "GamesMax" data package that can be used to play on ShellFire and other games with a 5GB quota at a price of IDR10.

"After this launch, in the future the Dunia Games will present many game applications with a various of new genres. As part of our support for the game industry community in Indonesia, the Dunia Games is expanding into the world of e-sports. We make it happen by carrying out various games competition from the grass root level to the international level, as well as managing and sponsoring professional gamers," head of digital lifestyle Telkomsel Crispin P. Tristram said.

"As our plan the ShellFire games will become the title of e-sport games that will be competed next year. In the near future, Dunia Games will also inaugurate the e-sports stadium arena so its can be more accepted in the gaming community and industry in Indonesia," she added.