Telekom Malaysia sheds new light on 'Mak Cik Bawang' in Raya spot

Telekom Malaysia has launched an online Raya film, in collaboration with MullenLowe Malaysia, titled "Mak Long Bawang".

Inspired by a true story, the online film shows what young Malaysians are facing every year when they are home for Hari Raya - nosy relatives asking offensive and intrusive questions. In the film, the nosy relatives are portrayed as Mak Cik Bawang, a Malay term used to describe "gossiping aunties" who pry into the personal lives of others.

The young characters grow increasingly uneasy and agitated with images of their feelings being exaggerated on screen. This reflects how Millennials react towards the unwelcomed questions and how ignorant Mak Cik Bawangs can be while asking their questions.

Passion Films and film director Rewan Ishak were also involved in the production of the video. A series of teasers were launched online in the weeks prior to the launch of the film, advising Malaysians "not to membawang" (do not gossip).

According to Eddy Nazarullah, head of creative, MullenLowe Malaysia, the team uncovered a "stunning revelation" about Mak Cik Bawangs when it dove deeper into the insights it gathered.

The film's message, "Behind every question is an unspoken affection", encourages young Malaysians to take a step back and attempt to understand the intention behind the nosy behaviour of Mak Cik Bawangs. Eddy hopes that the Raya film will change the way consumers catch up with one another this Raya.

Check out the film here:


Head of creative: Eddy Nazarullah, Alvin Kor
Copywriter: Eddy Nazarullah
Art director: Faridzul Hafizi
AV producer: Rasydan Ahmad Faiz
Brand management: Eugene Chan, Gavin Teoh
Production house: Passion Films
Film director: Rewan Ishak
DOP: Jordan Chiam
Audio house: The Rec Room
Others: Meccanica EFX, Technica Post