Teads inks partnership with SCMP to expand international audience

Global media platform Teads has signed a regional exclusive partnership with South China Morning Post to amplify and upscale delivery of outstream videos across its media brands and to expand its international audience.

Under the partnership, Teads will offer new methods to support SCMP’s editorial output with online advertising. The deal gives the SCMP access to Teads’ innovative technology platform, ensuring quality ad solutions and premium user experiences that bolster more brand-safe, fraud-free and viewable inventory to reach cross-regional and curated multi-market consumers. The partnership also enables SCMP to scale both its outstream video and increase monetisation through both its direct sales team, in addition to leveraging on Teads’ platform.

The ‘Teads Publisher Suite’ also autonomously leverages real-time reporting, actionable optimisation analytics, unique AI-driven programmatic ad decisions, and outcome-centric creative optimisation.

Ian Hocking, Digital Director at South China Morning Post said, “We’re excited to work with Teads to bring high-quality outstream video to our expanding international audience. South China Morning Post’s challenge is to create an integrated system that puts the user at the centre and quality content as a priority engagement tool. The goal is a communication strategy that is winning for our brands and our partners.”
Teads has adopted an innovation-led approach which focuses on innovation in video and display advertising – offering advertisers and publishers cutting-edge creative technology solutions, driven by Teads Studio, and AI-driven optimization. In its press release, Teads claims that it innovation-led approach results in strategic partnerships with publishers, wherein it is able to guarantee reliable and effective technological solutions.

Tammy Hong, head of publisher development, APAC at Teads said, “Teads, in the last 12 months, has committed to building and consolidating a unique offer, capable of covering different verticals thanks to agreements with the most prestigious publishers of each segment. We continue to offer these publishers with the selling tools to be more competitive, without neglecting the user experience. This will be our strategy also for 2019.”

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