Taylor's University gets Malaysians grooving to its latest Raya spot

Taylor’s University has released its first Raya music video "Taylor's Seirama Raya". The video tells the story of a student - starred by influencer Zareef Hussein - who is upset that he could not celebrate Raya with his family back home. His friend Tabitha Lam, who is Taylor’s talent scholar, tries to cheer him by showing that he can enjoy Raya celebration on campus. Through a catchy song and stomping using the facilities on campus, his campus-Raya experience was filled with fun and liveliness.

In a statement to A+M, a Taylor's University spokesperson said that the music video was produced to demonstrate the camaraderie between Taylor's students during the festive season, helping each other to feel at home.

The video was entirely shot on Taylor’s Lakeside Campus with students’ involvement. Composed by Yuswa Ansari, who has played for local rock band Bunkface, and now a permanent member of emo rockers Oh! Chentaku. The festive video is a production by Taylor’s.