Taylor’s University and BBDO create mind-reading cafe

Taylor’s University worked with BBDO Malaysia to blur the lines between culinary and technology for an enrolment campaign recently hosted at the Taylor’s University, Lakeside Campus.

It was the first on-ground event to bring to life Taylor’s new branding, “More Than Just Education”—showcasing how the institution provides added value to students beyond classrooms, learning from world-class thinkers and establishing global connections.

The highlight of the event was a mind-reading cafe which utilised electroencephalogram (EEG) technology to predict visitors’ orders. This highlighted Taylor’s renowned Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts school, while staying true to the university’s innovative and premium reputation.  The campaign also had the hitz.FM Morning Crew live on campus. They were floated out on the university’s iconic lake, and visitors had to answer questions correctly to bring them back.

Ben Foo, chief marketing officer of Taylor’s University, said the campaign was a great success, exceeding conventional expectations of what enrolment days entail.

“The campaign successfully portrayed Taylor’s University as an institution that goes above and beyond in all that we do, and we are very pleased with the engaging experience it offered all visitors," he said.