Tao Ti banks on Olympics hype to infuse new flavours into HK market with Dear Jane band

Beverage brand Tao Ti has collaborated with PHD Hong Kong and local band Dear Jane to launch a campaign to celebrate the Olympic Games, and simultaneously promote its new tea product.  Leveraging the popularity of the Olympic Games, the campaign featured Dear Jane's song The Heart of San Marino which told the story of San Marino's national football team made up of amateur players striving hard for their dreams, amidst unsurmountable challenges to promote its addition of the new Tao Ti Supreme Meta Oolong Tea to its sugar-free tea series.


The brand said the Olympic Games is a momentous occasion of great achievement where athletes overcome extreme adversity and display unwavering dedication and commitment to achieve their dreams, which echoes Tao Ti's dedication to innovate and bring new flavours to the market. Seeing the potential synergy, PHD Hong Kong then developed a strategy that aligned the brand with the Olympic Games and positioned Tao Ti’s new Supreme Meta Oolong Tea as a means to celebrate the spirit of perseverance in a campaign. 

"Tao Ti and Dear Jane together forge ahead on our journey of offering the best to consumers and audiences. With our partnership with Dear Jane, we can provide a fresh and inspiring way to introduce the latest Meta Tea Series to Hong Kong," said Vicky Wong, brand manager (beverage division) of Telford International Company.

Targeting the Hong Kong market, the campaign included a selection of online and offline touchpoints which tapped into the broadcast of the Olympic Games as well as mass channels. A video was launched Tao Ti's YouTube channel, Facebook page, Instagram account, inviting Hongkongers of all ages to celebrate the spirit of perseverance with Tao Ti. To further amuse audiences, the brand also rolled out a behind-the-scene video as well. 

The campaign also included offline touchpoints such as exteriors of buses too. "With such strong parallels between the Olympic Games, Dear Jane’s new single and the Tao Ti brand, we saw an opportunity for us to leverage these platforms for us to inject renewed consideration for the brand, especially now that the city is in a frenzy after our recent gold medal win," commented Phyllis Lam, business director of PHD Hong Kong.

This is not Tao Ti's first go at collaborating with local Hong Kong artists. Earlier this year, Tao Ti worked with Hong Kong singer Terence Lam and featured a song (神奇的糊塗魔藥) as the ad combined the vision and values behind Tao Ti’s flagship product of the Supreme Tea Series, Oolong Tea. Through the integration of music and branded content, the brand celebrated a happy-go-lucky perspective in facing the little blunders in life. 

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