Taiwan-based Google Cloud partner CloudMile launches in Hong Kong

Taiwan-based A.I. startup and Google Cloud premier partner CloudMile has now launched in Hong Kong.

This expansion follows last year's launch of Google Hong Kong’s Data Centre with the company aiming to leverage A.I and cloud technology to develop new business models and accelerate the digital transformation of Hong Kong enterprises.

To do so, CloudMile is promoting its team's experience at addressing business pain points, improving cloud effectiveness and decision-making processes, and increasing productivity. The four core cloud solutions CloudMile focuses on are productivity solutions, security solutions, and A.I & big data analytics solutions. The company has 70 accreditations and over 40 Google Cloud Certificates.

“CloudMile is dedicated in promoting A.I and cloud technologies. The newly-established Hong Kong professional team will work with local enterprises to explore opportunities of digital transformation and develop innovative business models,” said Spencer Liu, founder and CEO of CloudMile. 

“We also welcome talents who are interested in A.I and cloud sectors to join us and step into Southeast Asia markets together to boost the development of cloud and A.I technologies.”

Having assembled its Hong Kong team in late 2018, CloudMile has already gathered clients from diversified industries; including the government, retail, transportation, eCommerce and media. 

James Kao, chief operating officer of CloudMile, believes that the Hong Kong government is supportive of the local enterprises in embracing innovative technology. 

“Our team acknowledged the emerging demand of A.I applications and digital transformation in Hong Kong. In view of this, we plan to launch Cantonese and English training programs for local enterprises to provide more comprehensive technological support,” said Kao.

The company stated that Hong Kong serves as the stepping stone for the company to reach the international market but it will continue cooperating with local talents and partners.