Tai Hing goes full futuristic fantasy for its 30th Anniversary TVC

Restaurant chain Tai Hing has launched a campaign “The Great Taste Always” to celebrate its 30th anniversary, with an off the wall futuristic video ad.

The TVC’s story follows a girl in the year 2049, who has trouble remembering her past and – as she is chased by spider-looking robots and witnesses strange sights – attempts to rediscover a world she is unfamiliar with. In the end, after tasting Tai Hing’s food, she finally realises and appreciates that she is not living in a virtual world.

Though we have to admit the concept is more than a bit bonkers (including an odd moment where a couple in their early 20s is sat listening to the Fiddler On The Roof soundtrack on vinyl) we cannot understate how utterly gorgeous its production is. This lavishly produced TVC has extensive CG effects to create a futuristic yet authentic Hong Kong. Filled with holograms, sky trains, and even more skyscrapers, the TVC has also included local landmarks such as Temple Street and Lui Seng Chun. It’s the HK lovechild of Gattaca, Ghost In The Shell, Cyberpunk 2077, and any other techno-futurist cyberscape you can imagine. It may be an offbeat style choice for a local cafe but you get the message; Tai Hing is definitely pulling out all the stops for its pearl anniversary.

“We believe no matter how advanced the world becomes, Hong Kong people will always be nostalgic about their local heritage. Our brand promise is that no matter 30 years ago or in future, we will always offer authentic yet tasty local cuisine,” JoJo Chan, executive director of Tai Hing Group.

The full version of the TVC will be aired on 12 June on TVB Jade. To sustain the impact, cut-down videos will be launched on TV and social platforms as well. Tai Hing will also launch OOH ads later across Hong Kong.

“Inevitably, the world is going through changes, but Hong Kong people will always be nostalgic and crave local food. For this reason, this brand film is resonant with Hong Kong people in so many ways. We are excited to see how people react to the campaign,” concluded Desmond So, CEO of Uth Creative Group.


Client Tai Hing Group Holdings Limited

Agency Uth Creative Group Limited

Chief Executive Officer Desmond So

Executive Creative Director Milker Ho

Associate Creative Director Shine Hung

Art Director Kenny Wang

Associate Art Director Turbo Chong

Copywriter Katie Ng

Associate Account Director Sunny Yeung

Senior Account Executive Joe Leung

Production Mutual Workshop

Director James Leung

CG Director Simon Sze

Executive Producer Dicky Wu

Assistant Producer Thea Tam

Media Agency Phd Media Hong Kong