Tahoe Investment launches Tahoe Life after acquisition of Dah Sing Life

Tahoe Investment announced the official launch of Tahoe Life Insurance Company after the acquisition of Dah Sing Life Assurance in June for HK$10.6 billion.

Tahoe Life (formerly Dah Sing Life Assurance Company) unveiled a new identity and brand personality, saying the brand has been rooted in Hong Kong for near 30 years. A new logo illustrates the elements that make up the essence of Tahoe Life, and also amplifies the brand's motto: 'Craft your future', with Chinese red signifying the passion and energy of the brand, while a jade seal represents its strength and capability.

The Chinese character, used in the seal communicates the brand's belief in 'bringing widespread benefits to all people'.

It said its development strategy is 'backed by Mainland, based in Hong Kong, facing global', and Tahoe Life looks to support the group becoming a global financial enterprise.

Paula Choi, CEO of Tahoe Life, said, "With the establishment of a new brand identity and the support from the Group, Tahoe Life is devoted to providing leading-edge insurance services, investing in advanced insurance-technology which redefines the market and developing exquisite high-quality life insurance products so as to craft a brilliant future for our customers, thus becoming the industry leader in high-end life insurance market."

The new company boasts it will offer savings, critical illness, life insurance, medical protection and investment-linked products. It currently has 400,000 high-net-worth customers split equally between Hong Kong and mainland China.

Tahoe Life also announced the launch of its first advanced customer service centre which located in Tsim Sha Tsui, where customers will be able to enjoy insurance services.