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Maxis has launched the “Switch Off” campaign this Raya to inform all that there is no substitute for the joy of a truly meaningful connection formed through real-life interactions.

Shot in Kampung Sg. Masin, Batang Kali, the 90-second ad on YouTube portrays an urban kid preoccupied with his smartphone when he visits his kampung.

A younger boy enters the scene, as he insists that the older boy plays with him. They end up playing traditional games like bottle caps and marbles.

“It may seem like a risky message for a telecommunication brand but we’re basically encouraging people to stop using our services so they can enjoy their loved ones. All we’re saying is, there is a time and place for everything,” said Mei Cheong, head of communications at Maxis.

Chief creative officer of McCann Kuala Lumpur, Richard Irvine, said, over a brainstorm, the team was glued to their smartphones and that’s when it hit them.

Irvine said the cheeky boy in the commercial represents the joy of Aidilfitri, which is that connection; the ties that bind people.

As the second half of its integrated Ramadan and Raya campaign, the 90-sec YouTube version is also driven by a QR code on Maxis’ Aidilfitri print ads and social media postings.

This campaign is promoted throughout August via Astro and Media Prima channels, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Maxis website and publications such as Berita Harian, Kosmo, Sinar Harian, The Star and The Edge.

Maxis will also give away Raya cookies to its walk-in customers as a token in further connecting with them.

The 60-second version of the TVC will be aired on the first day of Raya onwards.

For this campaign, McCann Erickson manages creative, media by Mindshare, digital by Next Digital and MRM Worldwide.

4 things you need to know about this TVC

1. The camera work were inspired by Wes Anderson, where the framing and transition are always in 90-degree angles with quick zooms, which drove the dynamism of the commercial.

2. There was a technical problem with one of the memory cards used to record the footage. Multiple scenes shot in three locations mysteriously disappeared. The team managed to reshoot everything in an hour or so.

3. The Maxis router couldn’t fit inside the songkok initially. So the crew had to do some modifications to the songkok that, of course, can’t be seen in the commercial.

4. The kampung had its own free WiFi zones. But it wasn’t very stable. So most of the crews were really ‘disconnected’.

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