Swire Group launches new charitable initiative to support Hong Kong

The charitable arm of the Swire Group has announced a new initiative to support Hong Kong as the city continues to grapple with the impact of COVID-19.

Through the "TrustTomorrow" initiative, Swire Trust pledges HK$14 million to offer relief on issues related to food and hygiene, family wellbeing, and building social capital. The HK$14 million comes on top of a previous HK$15 million pledged at the beginning of the pandemic, and expects to benefit over 100,000 Hongkongers through 85 different organisations.

"The Swire Trust envisions a flourishing world of diversity, equal opportunity and sustainable growth. The Hong Kong community has helped Swire thrive over the past 150 years, and we are committed to demonstrating our ongoing support for Hong Kong through inspiring new initiatives such as TrustTomorrow,” said Tina Chan, head of philanthropy at the Swire Trust, in a statement.

"To achieve this, we are partnering with various organisations to serve the members of our community most in need and deliver immediate and long-term positive impact," she added.

For more information on TrustTomorrow, please visit Swire.com.

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