Swanson promotes guilt-free hot pot

For us Hong Kongers, there's nothing better than having a heartwarming hot pot with friends or relatives on a chilly winter day; but those who are fully aware of the greasy broth might find it difficult to enjoy a pot without feeling guilty.

In Swanson's latest viral campaign video, the soup company has tapped into the hotpot season by highlighting the struggle in a fun online video, which in turn put its fat free product on the table. The video has garnered more than 1.1mn views on Facebook and YouTube, 4.5k reactions, 288 comments and 435 shares since its launched in mid December.

The campaign video features a grease-aware office lady as well as hot-pot lover, who burst into tears every time after having hotpot due to the so-called "crying after hot pot syndrome"(打完邊爐喊出嚟症候群). Her problem is solved when a doctor introduces her to the Swanson fat free chicken broth. The seemingly simple story added in collective memory elements such as karaoke subtitles and an animated logo that mimick a music video from the early 90s.

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The campaign video was posted on several influencers' page including Bondy Chiu, Akina Fong(方健儀), She.com and King Jer 娛樂台, to reach younger audiences.

Client: Campbell Soup Asia Ltd.
Brand: Swanson
Creative & Production: Visualution Labs
Managing partner: Kaho Yue
Senior manager: Crystal Li
Assistant production manager: Wales Yuen
Creative: Alison Fung
Art team: Perry Yeung / Gaga Ma / Randy Cheung / Yun Lam
Video director: Ronnie Chau