Survey: International travel content is set to pick up but with some changes

The travel industry is showing minor signs of revival as several countries make plans to reopen the borders. In a new survey, worldwide travel journalists have reported how they see travel journalism changing and how the tastes of the travel industry are evolving. 

Finn Partners polled more than 300 travel journalists worldwide between 20 April and 8 May 2020, to gauge media sentiment during COVID-19 on travelling. 94% of respondents said they would be ready for press trips once travel bans are lifted. 

Although the future of the travel industry is still unknown, Paul Brady, articles editor of Travel+Leisure, said, "Travel is so deeply ingrained in people’s lifestyles and personas these days, it is difficult to detach from our everyday lives."

Publications were also expected to talk about destinations in a more timeless way. For example, some titles were preparing domestic travel content that caters to those looking to travel in the very near future, as well as covering interesting international stories about places that readers could dream about visiting in the long term.

Based on these approaches, 83% of travel journalists said they were looking for international travel content, while 73% were interested in destination-centric stories. A massive appetite for long-haul travel and big-ticket trips is also expected as soon as by late 2020. 

As for types of travelling, 51% of respondents said they were keen on healthy and wellness initiatives; 49% were looking for content related to sustainable travel. 60% of surveyed journalists said they would like to stay updated on new hotel offerings. 

Claire Irvin, head of travel at Telegraph Media Group, explained, "We’re looking at the renaissance of road trips, especially in America, and travelling to destinations where they feel distanced from other people."

Luxury tourism will also experience a revival, especially given its advantage of a naturally distant set-up with few guests, amazing in-room dining, and amenities.

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