Sunway University to foster entrepreneurs with Alibaba's eCommerce syllabus


Sunway University has officially kickstarted the integration of Alibaba's Global eCommerce Talent (GET) syllabus into its curriculum, as part of Sunway Education Group's recent inclusion in the Alibaba GET Network initiative.

The initiative is a global network that facilitates students to be part of the digital economy, training them to be business owners and equipping them with entrepreneur skills and knowledge. The network offers students learning materials based on real-world case studies and videos learning through GET Online Learning platform and the Simulation platform. Sunway University and Sunway College are officially members of the network.

Meanwhile, Sunway University has included the Alibaba GET syllabus into its BSc (Hons) Information Systems (Business Analytics) and BSc (Hons) Mobile Computing with Entrepreneurship at the School of Science and Technology; and BSc (Hons) Business Studies, BSc (Hons) Business Management, BA (Hons) Entrepreneurship, BSc (Hons) in International Business, and their BSc (Hons) Global Supply Chain Management programmes at the Sunway University School of Business (SUBS) while Sunway College @Velocity will be offering the GET programme next year.

The education group's intention to partner with Alibaba began in January when four academic staff were invited to its headquarters in Hangzhou, China for a five-day Alibaba GET Train the Trainer programme.

Sunway Education Group's CEO Elizabeth Lee said through the learning materials, students are able to learn the Alibaba online business ecosystem and understand important business concepts for the digital economy which will increase their competitiveness.

"The initiative also allows the students to see the differences between operating online stores compared to traditional retail stores, what makes major internet companies successful and how internet start-ups and companies operate and differ in work culture," she added.

Lee also said that the integration of the Alibaba GET syllabus into the curriculum will help the education group foster a new generation of talented and young passionate entrepreneurs who can bring new business ventures and innovation into the country, ultimately building talent to support Malaysia's drive towards a digital economy.