Sunway sheds spotlight on Chinese clans with 3 witty videos

Sunway Group decided to break away from the common themes of reunion, harmony and familial ties this Lunar New Year, focusing instead on how the Hokkien, Cantonese and Hakka celebrate the festive season. The three one-minute videos share different customs and practices of the clans in a light-hearted manner to entertain and educate consumers.

In a statement to A+M, Sunway's spokesperson said the company surveyed its 16,000 employees and realised most people these days do not have much knowledge of the family traditions and customs being passed down.

As such, Sunway used this as a point of inspiration for its Lunar New Year videos and decided to focus on the three clans that form the majority of Chinese in Malaysia. Creative agency AdAsia Malaysia was involved in this campaign.

Like other brainstorming sessions, the team at Sunway threw out story angles such as heart-warming videos focusing on family ties and Lunar New Year food. At the end of the day, the team felt that humour and laughter was the best way to bring people together.

"Going beyond just a comedic act, we want to put a message across - go back to your roots because these are elements that make us who we are today. And we hope to continue educating our young for another thousand years to come," the spokesperson said.

While there are more to the customs and traditions shown in the videos, Sunway believes its videos have sparked interest within the Chinese community to find out more about themselves. In addition to engaging consumers, Sunway hopes its Lunar New Year videos will "leave a mark" and remind consumers to not forget their roots.

"We are very proud that there are people out there who have benefited from our video because from the comments, we realised that some of the information we shared is new knowledge to them," the spokesperson said.