Sunway Group highlights the meaning of rice in the lives of Malaysians

Sunway Group’s Hari Raya spot titled “Siapakah Aku?” documents its CSR initiatives in Seberang Jaya, from the cooking and distribution of bubur lambuk, to the installation and facilitation of rice dispenser machines and the distribution of supplies to those in need.

Collaborating with 16TWO, Sunway Group identified a common thread on all its CSR initiatives – rice. The video had 429,302 views on Facebook at the time of writing. In a statement to A+M, 16TWO’s lead, creative communications, Jonathan Ong said that the team drew inspiration from childhood riddles and decided to humanise rice as a character for the video. From there, it crafted a “Who Am I” style riddle to fit the video’s concept.

Among the list of riddles in the video include “I am small, but I am able. From the ground I came and when my task is complete, to the ground I shall return. I call this place my home.”

“Through this, we were also able to draw parallels with the dedicated team of people who worked behind the scenes to make all of it work. This approach not only provided layered storytelling to a potentially straightforward topic, it also gave the initiatives depth, in relation to the audience,” Ong said.

According to him, Sunway Group and 16TWO spent five days documenting the key moments in Serebang Jaya, ensuring that each moment was effectively captured for the Raya spot. “We were certainly glad to be part of this eye opening journey, that would make us never look at rice the same way again,” Ong said.