Sunway and Pavilion see increase in mall traffic thanks to #PokemonGo

Fans of Pokemon Go are going "crazy" in Malaysia, hunting for pokeballs and the cute little monsters since the game was launched over the weekend.

Two Malaysian retailers – Sunway and Pavilion KL- have been quick to take on this opportunity and woo fans into their malls in hopes of a higher footfall and eventually, sales.

Sunway group has activated its "Pokemon Go Lure Modules" at its Sunway Pyramid mall yesterday and the same campaign is launched today across all their malls including Klang Valley’s Sunway Putra Mall and Sunway Giza Mall and Penang’s Sunway Carnival Mall. The “lure” hours and location will be shared with the public in the mall itself and also in their social media sites.

In a conversation with A+M, Sunway said the two week long campaign will likely be extended due to the "good response" the mall is seeing. Chief operating officer of Sunway Malls, Kevin Tan said some of its malls have seen an increase in footfall since Pokémon Go was released on Saturday.

“Sunway Pyramid for example, has had an increase of 5% of shoppers as compared to the weekend before, Sunway Putra Mall has seen an increase of 12% whilst Sunway Giza Mall has seen an increase as well,” he said.

This weekend, Sunway Pyramid will also run a "Best Costume" contest at 8pm in which the best dressed Pokemon Go costume will be able to grab surprise gifts from the mall. Retailers of the malls are spotted sporting their own rewards for Pokemon Go players too.

Meanwhile, Pavilion KL has come up with its own Pokemon hunting trail within the mall, complete with RM10,000 worth of rewards and dining delights. Pavilion said- with hundreds of Pokemon Go lures set to be released at the dozens of Pokestops in the mall, the area will be "one of the best Pokemon hunting destinations in town.

As part of the campaign, members of the public have to collect screenshots of the Pokemon caught at each of the Pokestops mentioned in the trail, flash them to the concierge staff at Fashion Avenue on level 2, to receive a RM30 dining voucher. There are 50 dining vouchers up for grabs daily during this 6-day period.

Pavilion told A + M that the mall managed to give out nearly 40 dining vouchers yesterday and there’s a rise on the mall's football since last weekend especially during lunch time.

The campaign which begins from 9 to 14 August 2016 encourages Pokemon trainers to pursue the recommended Pokemon hunting trail that’s enhanced with Pokemon Go lures, where they can collect their Pokeballs, hunt down some Pokemon and even seek quick respite at the recommended dining outlets, before they continue for the hunt.

Both malls are unable to comment on the expected sales for their campaigns at the time of writing.