Suning adds more characters to Suning Men

Home appliance retailer Suning has rolled out the second wave of commercials for Suning Men, a concept that last year generated 20% growth in sales, with a new TV-led campaign.

Created by Metta Communications, the yearlong brand initiative aims to deepen Suning Men's character with more values - this time by using the metaphor of a dying child, to show its after-sales services for products purchased outside the company.

"The first wave from last year achieved the purpose of humanising and identifying our brand to Hong Kong people,” Pinky Lee, marketing director at HK Suning Commerce told Marketing.

“So we are stepping up the campaign this year to give Suning Man more depth, providing a base for further development for our character.”

While the high cost of rental space has caused pain to many retailers in Hong Kong, the China-based Suning, which entered the Hong Kong market three years ago, has maintained a steady growth with 28 stores, in addition to a store in Macau.

The new campaign will run on TV, outdoor and select minibus TV.