Sun Life blends tech, social and street art with AR graffiti contest

Sun Life Financial has shown off an impressive fusion of graffiti, technology, and social media with the unveiling of AR-infused piece of Hong Kong street art, connected to an online contest.

Created by Hong Kong-based Japanese artist TAKA, the two murals created for this campaign were inspired by Sun Life’s hand-drawn sun and the brand’s “Life’s brighter under the sun” tagline. Located on 74 Hollywood, Central and 58-60 Peel Street, the vibrant works can be put into augmented reality motion by the scanning of a QR code.

A Sun Life spokesperson said, “We’re proud to have collaborated with TAKA for the two sun-themed murals which transmit a strong sense of warmth and optimism. By associating with street art, we also want to bring a refreshing, energetic, unconventional and artistic image to the Sun Life brand, and strengthen the emotional bonding with the public and our clients, especially the young generation.”

AR看塗鴉藝術🎨 Find Your Sun☀️

【AR看塗鴉藝術🎨 Find Your Sun☀️】中上環地區總係熙來攘往,節奏急速。但原來喺亦有休閒藝術嘅一面。近日永明金融就聯同日本塗鴉大師 TAKA為忙於工作嘅您帶嚟生活嘅一點光✨,喺中上環畫咗兩幅色彩豐富嘅塗鴉作品,以太陽照亮身邊嘅人和物作為主題,希望透過藝術🎨分享正面同積極嘅訊息。今次除咗可以近距離欣賞藝術,仲可以玩埋AR 影像效果!只要您去到塗鴉牆前面用手機掃瞄QR Code,再向住塗鴉牆影相就可以玩到架啦!想打卡影靚相,由即日起至7月底,約埋朋友一齊去中環Find Your Sun啦!☀️塗鴉牆位置:📍荷里活道74號(PMQ對面)📍 卑利街60號#香港永明金融 #SunLifeHK #塗鴉 #中上環 #卑利街 #荷里活道 #AR #graffiti #streetart #FindYourSun

Posted by Sun Life Hong Kong on Thursday, 4 July 2019

As visitors who trigger the AR filter will be able to view and record animated versions of TAKAs artworks through their smartphones,  Sun Life has taken advantage of that with a contest to engage potential customers with their social platform. Users who upload their captures from the wall locations to the campaign’s Facebook page between 6-31 July attached to a comment will be in the running to win one of several prizes. These range from the grand prize of HK$2,500 worth of travel coupons, to Fujifilm Instax mini 9 camera, to ice cream coupons.

To boost awareness of the campaign online, Sun Life has also drafted local celebrity KOLs to spread the word, including Cecilia So and Mayao.

The spokesperson added, “Through the power of working together, it is hoped that our clients feel more optimistic and have peace of mind throughout their life. We want to instil the same positive energy among Hong Kong people through this campaign. And our hand-drawn sun is a perfect way for us to express our brand personality: caring, optimistic and relevant.”

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