Sue McCusker to chair HK4As

The Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies of Hong Kong has elected Sue McCusker, GM of Publicis Hong Kong, as chairwoman of the industry group.

McCusker, a long time supporter of the HK4As education initiatives, takes over from incumbent chairman Richard Thomas.

With two years of involvement in the direction of the HK4As, McCusker has laid out a clear vision on the role of the HK4As.

"The HK4As plays an important role in providing leadership for our industry," she said.

"We are witnessing a resurgence in creativity in Hong Kong, evidenced by our industry's strong performance at prestigious award shows such as Cannes, and the HK4As will continue to focus building our industry's profile, standards of creativity and effectiveness across all mediums, and our talent's international exposure."

"I look forward to working with all the 4As Members to continue in the dynamic path that ex-chairman Richard Thomas and the previous ExComm embarked upon: to build upon our position as a hub with creativity at its core and a gateway for brands to move onto the international stage."

In the past year Thomas has forged strong ties with the Hong Kong government and creative initiatives with government body CreateHK.

Spencer Wong, another serving Executive Committee Member, takes up the role of vice-chairman with the support of a committee made up of Simone Tam, Desmond So, and Adam O'Conor.

Desmond So, outgoing CEO of JWT Hong Kong, will continue his role as Executive Committee Member, with the joining of Simone Tam, Managing Director of DDB Group Hong Kong & Guangzhou, and Adam O'Conor, CEO, Ogilvy Group Hong Kong.

Elections for the various HK4As sub-committees is underway and will also be announced shortly.