Subaru's new SUV gets unexpected attention due to naming at roadshow

Subaru's latest SUV, also known as Forester Ultimate Customised Kit Special edition, caught the attention of consumers during the annual Singapore Motorshow not for its capabilities but mainly for the name's acronym. Tickled consumers pointed out that the Forester Ultimate Customised Kit Special edition stood for "F*CKS" which caused a stir online.

Although Subaru eventually removed the name which was printed on the floor, netizens were relentless in their jokes about the name, making statements such as "Subaru F*CKS is a car that can take a pounding" and "Lmao. I F*CKS wid dis". American YouTuber Casey Neistat also chimed in on the hullabaloo, tweeting:" Is this real? Did Subaru actually make a car called F*CKS edition?" Marketing has reached out to Tan Chong International, the distributor of Subaru in Singapore.

According to media reports, this incident caused Subaru of America to clarify in a statement to its dealerships that the name was given by "the independent distributor in Singapore". It also apologised for the negative feedback the name might have caused, adding that the name has been removed from the car the Singapore Motorshow.

Meanwhile Subaru of America clarified that, the naming of the car does not reflect the values and standards of the company and it "works very hard" to build a "strong brand image" for Subaru. It also clarified in the statement that it will always strive to do its best to protect the integrity of the brand. Subaru of America also explained that the SUV was created by Singapore Motorshow's distributor and "will not be available in the US".