Students show off their creativity in 3M’s animation ad

As many local secondary school students use correction tape on a daily basis, 3M has encouraged them to create an advertisement using its Scotch correction tape.

The company has adopted the creative ideas from the winning team, provided them the full access to 3M’s team of advertising professionals, and turn their creative dreams into a reality.

Kong Kit-yee and Xiong Ru-meng, Form 5 students from Hotung Secondary School, created an impactful “Road repair in miniature European town” 30-second stop motion animation ad concept.

The student’s video concept used a thought provoking comparison of correction tape to road-paving machines fixing a miniature European town.

In the same way that road-paving machines need to recreate clean, smooth, consistent and important surfaces to be used again and again, the two students showed that the correction tape had the same importance for the “roads” of their writing, allowing them to write, create and express themselves creatively.

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