Strongbow enables Malaysians to relive the sunset

Strongbow, in collaboration with Ogilvy & Mather has launched a creative campaign for its latest Nature Remix Series, Strongbow Apple Cider Dark Fruit.

The film Strongbow Nature Remix Lab presents: Dark Fruit Lights The Night depicts a collaboration with eight young Malaysians who helped to power a circular shaped structure using solar panels, representing the dusk of sun at a rooftop. The film ends with the installation being fully lit that evening, with young Malaysians in the sunset drinking the new Strongbow variant.

“At Strongbow, we are committed towards reconnecting young urbanites with nature. In conjunction with the launch of the Strongbow Apple Ciders Dark Fruit, we worked with Ogilvy & Mather in a creative initiative enabling Malaysians to enjoy Strongbow’s latest Apple Cider,” said Loh Ee Lin, marketing manager, Heineken and global brands at Heineken Malaysia.

Watch the film here.