What in-store interactivity can do for your brand

playTMN, a new media space aiming to produce meaningful consumer engagements right at the location purchasing decisions are made launched in Singapore in mid-December 2013.

Unilever was early to adopt this new media and has run six campaigns on playTMNplatform with more campaigns in the planning stage.

One of the first campaigns playTMN designed for Unilever was a campaign for Lifebuoy. The campaign used the tablet’s front facing camera to prompt the shopper to swipe away at germs – providing a Kinect-like experience within a health and beauty store. The experience directly echoed the TV campaign that Unilever had been running.

For Sunsilk, playTMN made the objective of game to collect 5 natural oils via mechanics similar to Candy Crush Saga, which powerfully conveyed the brand’s key message, as shoppers learned about the reasons to believe in that product while playing the game.

Susanne Arfelt, director of marketing, Unilever said: “playTMN interactive media space is a truly scalable solution for engaging customers at point of purchase in exciting new ways. We are thrilled to have pioneered this in last few months with them.“

To date, on a network of 200 screens across the Health & Beauty stores, playTMN has clocked an average of 5,000 engagements per day with each engagement lasting about 57 seconds. Almost 75% of started experiences are completed and for campaigns with a rewards mechanism, 50% of those who completed the experience enter a phone number when prompted at the conclusion of the experience.

By displaying interactive apps based on gamified branded experiences, playTMN reached over 1 Million interactions 57 seconds each by end of May 2014.

“Fulfilling the promise of an experiential retail journey for shoppers is exciting," Julian Corbett Founder and CEO of PlayTMN said. “By talking to digitally primed shoppers in a language they actually enjoy, we are able to convey brand messages in far more memorable ways."

playTMN is now working with various FMCG brands and retailers across Asia ahead of large scale roll-out. The network, once optimised and rolled out across Asia, aims to deliver over 1 billion brand engagements per year. "Comparatively, it would require some over 2 trillion impressions online to achieve the same level of engagement," Corbett added.