STB showcases tourist attractions in remake of classic 'Singapore Town' song


The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has launched a remake of the song Singapore Town, performed by local singer-songwriter Charlie Lim, alongside a light-hearted music video. The video features about 60 Singaporeans from all walks of life, including local artistes and personalities such as cook, TV host and food writer Sarah Huang Benjamin; sneaker designer Mark Ong; and Teochew opera artist Tan Wei Tian.

The video captures these Singaporeans enjoying a range of activities at home during the Circuit Breaker period. Some of these activities include building a mini version of the iconic Marina Bay Sands and recreating locally-inspired dishes and cocktails in their own kitchens. Through a compilation of these hopeful moments, the light-hearted video aims to lift the spirits of Singaporeans and encourage them to indulge in their passions from the comfort of their homes.

The song also looks to capture the spirit of fun, wonder and exploration, and showcases “Singapore Town” and the people. For international audiences, the lyrics feature some of the city’s top attractions, aimed at prompting locals and visitors to imagine what they can expect when the time is right to visit and explore Singapore. A wide variety of tourism establishments were also featured in the video – such as the Esplanade Theatres on the Bay, Chinatown, Merlion Park, Singapore Zoo and Marina Bay Sands, to name a few.

Singer-songwriter Charlie Lim has previously written and performed the theme songs for the 28th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games. The spot has been released on the Singapore Tourism Board’s social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube).

STB took a similar approach with Singapore Airlines in 2017, after both parties signed a bilateral agreement. The national carrier launched its new in-flight safety video, taking viewers on a panoramic journey across various locations in Singapore, beyond the traditional space of an aircraft cabin. Under the partnership, SIA and STB jointly invested a combined amount of SG$10 million over a period of three years, to collaborate on marketing activities and event promotion campaigns. 

The film showcased the Singapore Girl travelling to familiar landmarks in Singapore such as Boat Quay, The Intan Peranakan Home Museum, Henderson Waves and Gardens by the Bay. At each location, she meets various characters engaged in different activities that "creatively demonstrate" the safety instructions. Many netizens enjoyed and praised the video for being fresh and different. 

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