STB puts a twist to popular Chinese drama 'The Unbeatables' in travel campaign

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has launched a public education campaign, bringing back popular local Chinese drama serial, The Unbeatables, to fit the campaign's message, “Don’t Travel Blur, Travel Sure”.

The Chinese drama serial spanned three seasons from 1993 to 2002, featuring local celebrities Zoe Tay and Li Nanxing. Leveraging on nostalgia and humour, Ong Ling Lee, director, travel agents and tourist guides, STB said to Marketing that the campaign aims to remind consumers of three steps to take for a "fuss-free and safe" holiday.

The campaign videos highlight the three steps that travellers should take to avoid unforeseen travel mishaps. This includes always buying travel insurance, checking if your travel agent is licensed and has the right licence via the TRUST website and reading through the terms and conditions of their purchases. Watch the videos here:

Ong also said that since 2014, STB has been carrying out consumer campaigns to raise awareness amongst the public about steps that they can take to ensure a peace of mind as while travelling overseas. In a survey conducted by STB, it was recorded that among those who bought travel packages, majority were aware of travel insurance.

However, one in 10 have never ever purchased a travel insurance policy, putting themselves at risk before and during their vacations. "There are also some travellers who risked their vacations by not checking if their travel agents are licensed or not reading and clarifying the terms and conditions of their travel purchases," Lee said.

The campaign message is also supported by the “Sunny the Sotong” mascot, in a bid to promote greater awareness among Singaporeans on the necessary precautions to take to protect themselves against unforeseen circumstances when booking their holiday, an earlier statement said. “Sunny”, a squid character, also known as “sotong” in Malay, represents the muddled or confused travellers the campaign targets, the statement added.

In Singapore, the word “sotong” or “blur” is used to colloquially describe someone who is muddled or confused. However, unlike his brothers and sisters, the Sunny is said to be the smartest squid in the sea, with no-nonsense approach to taking travel precautions. The mascot will be used as the face of the campaign to remind consumers to “Don’t Travel Blur, Travel Sure”, and will be in all campaign creative materials.

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