STB and Tiger Beer commit SG$3.2m for global campaigns and AR tech

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and Tiger Beer have inked a two-year partnership to promote Singapore through joint marketing activities, committing a total of SG$3.2 million.

The partnership covers three key areas - innovative products such as AR effects for Tiger Beer's Tiger District Bottles; creative consumer experiences in Singapore at the global experiential concept store Tiger Street Lab, and globally such as an upcoming pop-up in Tokyo which is set to launch in October; as well as global marketing through joint campaigns in international markets.

Over the next two years, both brands will tap on each other's upcoming overseas consumer activities and events to grow audience reach and deepen engagement. STB and Tiger Beer will profile homegrown talents such as artists, musicians and chefs and encourage them to collaborate at overseas platforms, as well as excite visitors with their creativity and talent. STB will also be launching a brief for agencies to share ideas for the joint marketing partnership globally.

As part of the partnership, STB will bring four out of the 20 Tiger District Bottle designs to life, telling the stories of popular tourism precincts rich in local heritage and culture through AR technology. The four selected bottle designs with AR effects are Chinatown, Bugis, Katong and Tiong Bahru. The incorporation of technology and AR effects allows both brands to broaden their marketing reach and engage consumers in a fun and interactive manner.

Lynette Pang (pictured right), assistant chief executive, marketing group, STB told Marketing in an interview that both parties were keen on working with each other due to the commonalities between the two, such as the huge focus on local talent. She added that this was a major difference between its current partnership with Tiger Beer and the past partnerships that STB has established.

"We both share the belief of storytelling and storytelling by showcasing the great Singaporean creative talent, so that was one major draw," Pang said. She added that in terms of target audiences, both parties had two major passion tribes in common - the foodie tribe and socialiser tribe.

"Singapore is an island of foodies and beer goes with food. Also, the socialiser tribe is about individuals who love music and the excitement of a big night out. So we have commonalities in terms of target audience, brand belief, being born in Singapore and of course, leveraging local creative talent to tell a great story," Pang said.

She added that one key area of the partnership would be the number of emerging talent it has supported and showcased on a global level. From a business and marketing perspective, Pang stressed that it is about brand storytelling, more specifically building the Singapore brand and teaching local talent to tell the Singapore story.

According to Pang, working with partners in the private industry, such as Singapore Airlines and Changi Airport, is "a very critical part" of how STB works, and encouraged companies to participate in the Marketing Innovation Programme (MIP). MIP offers seed funding to emerging brands with innovative marketing campaigns and aims to inspire businesses to experiment boldly in marketing.

In April this year, STB awarded seven businesses up to SG$1.3 million for marketing proposals under the second edition of the Marketing Innovation Programme (MIP). These businesses are Vice Media Asia Pacific, Carousell, Savour Events, Invade Industry, Euro-Asia Holidays, Cocoba and Botani Spirits.

Pang added that technology and innovation are at the core of how STB wants to move Singapore forward and that it had "a lot of fun" working with AR technology. "Watch this space. Clearly, whatever is emerging, whether it's backend technology or front end that drives fun consumer experiences, we want to be the first to try and bring the experiences to consumers worldwide," she added.

Meanwhile in an interview with Marketing, Venus Teoh (pictured left), international brands director, Tiger said that it hopes to build brand awareness and traction worldwide with the partnership and bring the Singapore story to the world. When asked why Tiger Beer chose to feature the four districts in particular, Teoh said it was a difficult selection because the 20 districts showcased on the bottles all have a unique story to tell. However, Tiger eventually decided to settle with the Chinatown, Bugis, Katong and Tiong Bahru due to limitations but hopes to expand the AR effects for more district bottles.

While Teoh declined to reveal upcoming joint marketing efforts lined up as well as the marketing split between both parties, she said that Tiger Beer has an exciting reveal for consumers on 8 August.



STB commissioned local artist Eugene Soh to create AR effects for the four precincts. Using the Facebook application on mobile devices, consumers will be able to see iconic landmarks such as People's Park Complex, The Red House, Bugis Street and an old flat in the Tiong Bahru estate by scanning the unique district symbol on the bottles. Through this, consumers can learn about the various offerings available within the precincts and be inspired to experience them in person. The AR effects for Chinatown and Bugis went live on 13 June, while Katong and Tiong Bahru will go live on 21 June.

Additionally, STB and Tiger Beer also unveiled an artwork symbolising the partnership between the two brands today. Created by Singaporean urban artist ANTZ, the artwork portrays a tiger and a lion encircling each other. The tiger encapsulates the boldness of Tiger Beer while the lion represents the Singapore spirit. The artwork will be displayed at Tiger Street Lab as part of the brands' ongoing efforts to promote local talents.

Pang said Passion Made Possible celebrates the spirit of Singapore by putting the spotlight on the country's homegrown talents and sharing their Singapore stories with the world.

"We believe this is an authentic way of highlighting what's unique about destination Singapore. Tiger Beer shares the same brand belief. We look forward to partnering Tiger Beer in developing bold and creative projects for audiences all over the world.

Meanwhile, Tiger's Teoh added that it is "deeply passionate" about showing locals and the world what Singapore is all about.

"It is in Tiger Beer's DNA to champion local talent who uncage their passion to represent Singapore on the world stage, and we are excited to enter this two-year partnership with STB which shares this same passion and spirit," Teoh added.

The collaboration comes as both brands are focused on supporting homegrown talents and telling their stories on stage. STB's "Passion Made Possible" brand encapsulates Singapore's never settling spirit of determination in making passions possible and focuses on celebrating local talents through films, consumer events, marketing campaigns and industry partnerships. Meanwhile, Tiger Beer has been championing local emerging talent and providing them with a global stage to Uncage their Tiger through Tiger Raw Roar platform, Tiger Street Food and Tiger Street Lab at Jewel Changi Airport.

Check out the AR effects on the bottles here: