StartupCare launches blüüm, a simplified health and insurance platform

Health insurance — like most things in life that involve filling out forms — can be complicated. Fortunately, a Hong Kong-based insurtech company wants to help change that.

StartupCare, founded in 2018 to help SMEs and startups develop comprehensive group medical solutions, has announced the launch of blüüm, a new one-stop platform offering curated health and insurance services to help customers navigate the process seamlessly. Supported by top-tier insurance companies, blüüm offers tailored health solutions for users from a variety of lifestyles.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought greater attention to personal health, and the choices we make when it comes to healthcare solutions are more important than ever. The platform is designed with that in mind, and goes a step beyond just the planning phase to offer 24/7 virtual symptom checks, an online clinic directory, and the ability to set appointments from blüüm's extensive medical network.

blüüm has launched with two specialised insurance series: blüüm sport (activity tracking, DNA testing) and blüüm team (group insurance solutions, benefits packages), which are tailored to sport lovers and SMEs, respectively. In the future, blüüm will continue to expand this list of unique offerings to accomodate both personal and enterprise needs.

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