StarHub TV and MyChinaChannel promote Mandarin edutainment content

StarHub TV and MyChinaChannel have just launched MaxToon “满满通” (StarHub TV Channel 322), a joint Mandarin edutainment channel for kids aged three to 12. The first of its kind to be launched in Singapore and in high definition the channel compromises a healthy mix of cartoons and live action, aiming to entertain and educate curious young minds through its engaging storytelling.

Additionally, MaxToon will develop locally-produced content to cater to the needs of Singaporean audiences to further emphasise the importance of character development and values such as kindness and care for others.

Kids’ Talk 童言无际)will be the first locally produced program to debut on Maxtoon this June. The host will engage its young guests on various topics of the day.

They will also offer programmes such as Panda’s Paradise (“霹霹乐翻天”)and Xiao Kang Kang(“小康康”). The former tells the story of four friends who overcome all odds to remain best friends despite having their own unique personalities. Xiao Kang Kang explores different types of everyday problems encountered by children and show them ways to solve these problems.

MCC will also be partnering with Marshall Cavendish Education to co-create a kids’ reality program in the last quarter of 2016. Called Young Runners (“3,2,1前进!”), the series will see kids race against one another in a game where the pedagogy and content advice will be mapped to the MOE curriculum, testing kids on their Mandarin proficiency.